ZzzzZZ...ZZZzzzz April 30, 2015 12:10

What’s that noise?

Oftentimes I’ll be working away at my desk and hear this noise. It sounds familiar, in fact, it sounds like snoring. I check the bedroom. Not it’s not my husband. I check the living room and there I see my sweet French bulldogs snoring away on their PUP & KIT bed. They breath peacefully in-and-out. They must also be dreaming of running through a field of flowers or chasing a squirrel as their whiskers and little legs twitch with what I’m guessing must be sprint speed. 

I became curious as to the sleeping habits of pets. So I did some research. Did you know that according to petplace.com the amount of sleep a dog gets depends on the dog and sometime its breed? Some larger breeds need more sleep than others. Dogs also sleep in spurts--on average of about 14 hours per day. (Not to be outdone, cats sleep on average 16-20 hours per day). I also found out that it depends on if the dog has a “job.” Meaning a rescue or ranch dog will adjust his sleep habits because he has work to be done. Unfortunately, some dogs sleep a lot out of boredom. I also found out that cats and dogs don’t sleep the same way us pet parents do. They take more surface naps (aka cat naps) throughout the day and don’t sleep as “hard” as we do. But, interestingly they do enter REM, or rapid eye movement and will start dreaming. Hence, my little guys leg movement.

Pets also like to sleep in a comfortable space. You’ll often see them instinctively pawing at their bed to make a depression to get that just-right feeling. In fact, at Pup & Kit we offer a variety of pet beds designed for the comfort of your pet. They also look amazingly great in your home. Such as our Joey Low Back Bed.

Tell me about your pet and how they sleep. Maybe it’s a gigantic cat that lays with a hybrid type purr snore? Or maybe you have a Great Dane whose favorite pastime is napping and often barks a little in her sleep. Post your comments below.