Our favourite celebrities and their pets May 08, 2015 12:37

The only people who may spoil their pets more than I do are celebrities. On our recent segment on ETALK, Canada’s #1 daily entertainment show, we explore our products and ponder which celebrity’s pooch or cat would look the cutest on each of our designs. check out the full episode below.

I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and I would love to see her two cats, Meredith Grey & Olivia Benson, curled up in one of our pet caves.

I think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make such a great couple and with their new addition, baby James, I think their fur babies need a place to call their own. Penny, the Maltipoo, would look soo cute in the small Joey High Back bed, with Baxter, the golden retriever, sprawling across his own custom coordinating Joey Low Back bed.

Our Molly bed has more of a masculine feel with its stainless steel legs. Do you think this style would suit Hugh Jackman’s French Bulldogs, Dali, and new addition, Allegra, a poodle-mix? I think so!

Celebrity or not, we all love to spoil our pets, but we don’t want them to spoil our interior design.