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About Us

PUP & KIT is a modern pet furniture company founded in Toronto, Ontario that offers pet owners stylish, functional pet beds that complement modern home design. PUP & KIT‘s products are all designed and handmade-to-order in Toronto by local craftspeople and shipped across Canada and the United States. The company’s pet beds allow pet owners to integrate their pet’s living space with their own, offering several styles with customizable fabric and wood finishes. 

Our Story

In 2012, we got our first French Bulldog, Steven, and absolutely fell in love with him. Of course we thought if one was so great, why not get two! Only eight months later Doug became a part of our family.After recently moving into a condo downtown, we spent a lot of time planning the design of our home. When it came to getting a dog bed for our boys, there was nothing out there that fit with our space.  As a result, we decided to design our own furniture and accessories, and from there PUP & KIT was born.We always had pets growing up, but having our very own dogs at this stage of our lives has really changed us. We are so thankful to have two wonderful dogs who love us unconditionally and in turn we can spoil. In memory of all the furry members of our families over the years, we have dedicated all of our products to beloved pets that have passed. Check out our In Memory page.

Leslie Hemming, Founder

Leslie Hemming, Founder of PUP & KIT, was inspired to start up a business after bringing her two French Bulldogs home to her downtown Toronto condo. When it came to getting a dog bed for her boys, Steven and Doug, there was nothing in the market that fit with their existing home décor and would work in a small space.  As a result, Leslie designed her own dog bed and had it built with the help of local craftspeople. Always having a latent passion for design, Leslie decided to pursue this new venture with her newly crafted pet bed to help change the way people see pet furniture and to bring style and function into small living spaces. Leslie has an educational background in business and is now expanding her knowledge of Interior Design through a part-time certificate program at Ryerson University in Toronto. She has been able to leverage her business background and eye for design to launch PUP & KIT’s product line in 2014.